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The Innovation Policy Network is open to consider opportunities of collaboration, funding and coordinated research, to create synergies with different actors and bright individuals.

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Our IPN Research Bulletin provides analyses and discussions on a wide array of topics such as technology advancements, regulatory frameworks, sociology and global innovation trends.

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The Innovation Policy Network is a global research network established with the aim of delivering cutting-edge innovative papers in different fields related to public policy.

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Our team has extensive academic knowledge in several research areas, from business and law to data analysis and complexity science. This allows getting a broader perspective on the different problems that we tackle.

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More often, innovation comes from effort and from openness and from looking in the right place unencumbered by blinding assumptions or conventional wisdom.

Michael E. Porter (1990)

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Our organizational structure is divided into hubs to maximise the exchange of relevant ideas in interdisciplinary contexts.

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Our network selects highly competent researchers from renowned universities all over the world.

  • Assessing the EU’s provisional agreement on ESG rating regulations

    Author: Jacob Margolis On 5 February 2024, the European Council and European Parliament collectively reached a temporary agreement on a proposal for regulations on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) rating activities. Such activities provide investors with pertinent information about a firm’s sustainability across a number of metrics, including vulnerability to sustainability risks, the firm’s impact…

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  • The challenges of the global minimum tax

    Author: Amedeo Rizzo The international tax landscape is undergoing a significant transformation with the proposal of a global minimum tax for multinational enterprises (MNEs). The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has conceived this initiative to combat international corporate tax avoidance, proposing a 15% minimum tax on large multinational groups. This proposal has gained…

    Read more → : The challenges of the global minimum tax
  • The EU Foreign Subsidies Regulation: a Structural Change to the Internal Market

    Author: Amedeo Rizzo Journal: Stanford – Vienna Transatlantic Technology Law Forum, Transatlantic Antitrust and IPR Developments, Issue No. 1/2023 Abstract: The EU Foreign Subsidies Regulation (“FSR”) has been published on the 14th of December 2022 and entered into force on 12 January 2023. The Regulation creates a new regime with the objective of protecting the internal market…

    Read more → : The EU Foreign Subsidies Regulation: a Structural Change to the Internal Market
  • The global minimum tax: a new development in international law

    Author: Amedeo Rizzo Publication: Cambridge International Law Journal Blog Abstract: The adoption of the global minimum tax reflects quite an unprecedented level of cooperation in the history of international tax and constitutes a strong signal in the international community, bearing a two-fold message. On the one hand, it shows countries’ willingness and shared effort to prevent tax…

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