About Us

The Innovation Policy Network is a global academic network established with the aim of delivering cutting-edge innovative papers in different fields related to public policy and innovation. Innovation policy is a rapidly growing and evolving field, as innovation has become increasingly important for driving economic growth, competitiveness, and social welfare. Researchers in the Innovation Policy Network may focus on understanding how different policy approaches and interventions can support or hinder innovation, as well as identifying best practices and developing new tools and frameworks for analyzing and designing innovation policy.

Our team has extensive knowledge in several research areas, from business and law to data analysis and complexity science. Through this, we can gain a broader perspective on the different problems that we tackle. We believe that research in public policy should be conducted with experience and ambition, to identify workable solutions to issues concerning global and national sustainability, development, and growth.

Our network selects highly competent researchers from renowned universities all over the world with the aim of coming together and exchanging thoughts. We also provide a platform for sharing research findings, policy recommendations, and other information related to innovation policy.