Tech Regulation Hub

The Tech Regulation Hub at the Innovation Policy Network is designed as a pioneering research initiative that focuses on understanding and guiding the development of regulations for cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, and other emerging digital innovations. This hub operates at the intersection of technology and policy, aiming to unravel the complexities of regulating advanced technological landscapes. It seeks to offer insights and propose frameworks that can foster both innovation and societal well-being.

The Tech Regulation Hub underscores the importance of crafting policies that balance the need for technological advancement with ethical considerations, privacy concerns, and the broader impact on society. The hub endeavors to influence global tech policy by providing a platform for interdisciplinary research, involving experts from fields like computer science, law, ethics, and economics.

Areas of Analysis

Artificial Intelligence Regulation: Examines legal and ethical frameworks for AI, focusing on bias, transparency, and societal impact.

Cryptocurrencies Regulation: Investigates regulatory challenges and frameworks for cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies.

Cybersecurity: Focuses on strategies for protecting digital infrastructures and data against cyber threats.

Ethics in Technology: Analyzes ethical concerns in technology, including issues related to privacy, data usage, and technological inequality.

Privacy and Data Protection: Explores regulations and policies related to data privacy, consent, data sharing, and protection against unauthorized access.

Internet Governance and Digital Rights: Studies the regulation of internet resources, freedom of expression online, and digital rights management.

Smart Cities and IoT Regulation: Investigates the regulatory challenges posed by smart cities and the Internet of Things, focusing on privacy, security, and urban governance.

Biotechnology and Health Tech Regulation: Examines the legal and ethical aspects of biotechnology and health technologies, including genetic data, medical devices, and telemedicine.

Sustainable Tech and Environmental Regulation: Explores the intersection of technology and environmental sustainability, including regulations for green tech and eco-friendly innovations.

Robotics and Autonomous Systems: Focuses on the legal and societal implications of robotics and autonomous systems, including liability, safety standards, and ethical use.


Amedeo Rizzo

Research Fellow

Charlotte Donelly

Research Fellow

Giorgio Hassan

Research Associate

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